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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

DEC 31st and a Tester's thoughts

Hai! Hello!

Today is December 31st and its time for us to bid farewell to the current year and start the party to welcome new year.

Since my childhood, this day has been an exciting day for me, as it comes with many emotions and feelings. This day speaks about both the past and the future. While this day is to recall the memories of the past, this day is also to hope and dream about the future.

This day takes me back into the journey of one long year and recalls the memories, challenges and all the great moments. It also keeps me excited about new days of a new year to come.

On this day, I see a businessman thanking his clients for this year, and also wishing to add many more in the new year. I see a student thanking his teachers and friends for this year and wishing to be more successful in this new year. I see many more professionals with a similar kind of emotions.

As a tester, I too have many people to thank for this wonderful year of testing journey and wish for a happy new year.

Thank you Testers

Dear testers, I am nobody without you. I always believe that great work comes from team work and its you who make a good team player. Just like every year, while the testers at my office are helping me to do things better and deliver better, the testing community around has been caring and affectionate to exchange the knowledge and make me a better tester everyday.

Thank you for a fun'test'ic year. I carry the joy of working with you in all the challenging times and cherish the moments of success.

I wish to continue this awesome journey and test better and better in this new year.

Thank you Devs

It was my pleasure to test the greatest of the applications developed by you in this year. I really had an awesome experience working on tough jobs and cherishing the success stories of our releases. The fun time and the learning journey with you was really great this year.

Thank you for all the assistance and a team work for making the big things happen.

I wish to continue to work together with you, to build many more awesome things in this new year.

Thank you Managers

All that we achieve is your planning and execution. This year, I am glad that I got a chance to work under different versatile and dynamic leaderships which has played a great role in shaping my attitude and skills. The kind of projects I had worked under you demanded the best of the skill set and I am glad you could extract it out of me.

Thank you for trusting me and believing in my skills. Thanks for mentoring me at tough time and encouraging me to test better.

I wish this new year gives us many more opportunities to work together to deliver the best of the products.

Thank you Business

Business has been the key factor which puts across new challenges and opportunities. This year, it was really great to see the kind of business importance tasks I had been through and absolutely they have shaped me into a better player.

Thank you business team for bringing in such a challenging work across. Thank you for the amaing opportunities you have provided us. While the roots were challenging, the fruits were always sweet and cherishing.

I wish you a great luck in bringing in more business and wish to be a part many more success stories along with you.

Thank you Blogging world

Blogging world has been my greatest source of knowledge. I cherish every thing I receive and share through this media. This year, I could take out time to write few articles which showcased a better writer in me.

Thank you readers for all the care and support you shower on me. Be it a smallest of the contributions, I am always welcomed here and supported.

I wish to write many more good posts and learn from your feedback in this new year. Wish you all a great reading and wish to see many more interactions with everyone of you through this media in this new year.

Thank you one and all, and wish to hear many successful stories of your new journey in this new year.

Let the party begin \m/_0_\m/


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