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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Two years old Tester and the Story of Change

This day, September 17th 2014, I complete two long years of my professional life and became a two years old Software Tester. On this occasion, I have something to recall for myself and share with you all.

Why do I want to write today?

Though I have been growing old every year, though there might have been some or other changes in my life, I was never surprised with what was happening to me. May be I neither noticed nor was I conscious about them happening. I am surprised and equally happy about the change I have brought to myself in this past two years and I have been consciously observing it.

My last two years of professional life and this stay in Moolya have made me a better person day by day. The influence of Moolya and the people at Moolya have been great on me, and the echo of quotes from 'Steve Jobs' and the movie 'KungFu Panda' at Moolya, have played a wide role in making me a person what I am right now

I wanted to write, not a experience report, but a story of change and the process of learning and unlearning, that I have been through. 

I wanted to write, because I was recalling this story of change in me. I wanted to write, because I wanted to share, if this story of change might trigger something worthy in you too.

The Story of Accepting Life

There are no accidents

Living the life of a student with too much of dreams and wishes, and less efforts, I somehow had been expecting a lot from my life. I had days of disappointments, repents, confessions, depression and hatred. I had a habit of cursing myself and worrying about the reasons.

I first learnt to accept my past. Unless you accept what has happened to you and let it go off, you can't make a move forward, because your mind shall always stay in past and you are not allowing it to live the present. I have understood this truth. Yes with great difficulty and I am still practising it. This is bringing me more peace and allowing me to live the day better instead of weeping about yesterday.

'Oogway' in KungFu Panda movie says, 'There are no accidents'. Yes, I have started believing that everything in life has a reason behind it, and has got a purpose to serve. So, I just started accepting my life, instead of denying it. Accept it, learn from it, let it go off and Live a better day. 

The Story of Passion

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

Somehow I was never serious about this word 'Passion', before. May be I never knew this word in dictionary has such a great influence. I never knew this will drive a man to heights of sacrifices. I never knew this is a never exhausting fuel that keeps the journey on, in spite of food, water and air.

Two years back when I stepped into Moolya, I happened to see people uttering this word again and again. I heard stories behind the passion they had, I saw the way they enjoyed their passion, and how their passion towards testing have been driving them. 

I learnt the story of passion. Passion is something that rests within you. You got to identify it. You got to speak to yourself. You just need to analyse what you love to do, what brings more happiness to you and what is that you enjoy doing. 

I started speaking to myself. I started studying my habits, wishes, interests, views, opinions and thoughts. I recognised my likes and dislikes. I worked on what I could do better and where I would like to put my efforts. I started knowing what I love to do, and the art of enjoying while on work. I am able to define what my passion is and align my work to it.  Now I know that my urge of doing great work is possible only when I follow my passion. Day by day, I am strengthening my passion and defining it more clearly for myself, and living it to the fullest.

The Story of Vision

I want to put a dent in the universe

Right from my childhood, I somehow had this - A wish to be a leader. A desire to be a creator. A dream to stand on the top of the world and say 'Hey! Look here I am!'. So what do I do? Where do I start from? Is there any route map? What do I need? How? When? etc., etc., Too much of questions and too much of choices.  

There came a day I stepped into this awesome start up Moolya. I noticed people speaking about Vision. A vision to change the world. Oh! This was something what I was thinking about. But what is this vision? How do you decide it? What is it all about? How do I have mine?

Then I learnt the story of vision. A vision is something you want to strive for. A vision is a purpose behind your work. A vision is a clarity about what you want to achieve. A vision is a journey that you are destined for. So a Vision is that drives you towards what you really care for.

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you

I have identified that my passion towards my work would set a vision for me, and it shall pull me to achieve it. Though I haven't actually defined what is my vision or what is the dent that I am going to create in the universe, but I have been telling to me that following my passion and strengthening it, would help me understand what my vision is, and what dent I am gonna create.

The Secret Ingredient 

There is no secret ingredient, for something to be special, you just have to believe its special

Here are the awesome words from the movie KungFu Panda. This says you are special, if you believe in it. There is no secret ingredient other than yourself, who could make you special. You don't need any magic or miracles to happen to make you special or a hero. You got to do it for yourself. First you got to believe that you are gonna be something and you are almost there. There is no secret ingredient, its just YOU.

The one's who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the one's who do

If you want to change the world, you got to think that you will do it. If you want to create something, you got to believe that you are a creator. If you want to rock your life, you got to believe that you are rocking it already and shall continue to do it. It is you who is going to strengthen yourself. It is you who is going to lead yourself. Believe in you and you shall be the magician who does all the magic to yourself.

I started believing that I am special. I started telling to myself that I am gonna rock. I somehow started loving myself and my decisions a lot. This brought more happiness to me, this brought more confidence in me, because here I am my hero and I am gonna decide what I want to be. This started mirroring my life to me and set my standards for myself, break my own and raise the bars.

Thank You Moolya!

Thank you Moolya. Thanks for telling me what does working with passion mean and what does striving towards the vision mean. 

Above all thanks for the Dragon Scroll and the Secret Ingredient in it.


  1. Congratulations Dheeraj! Happy to be reading your thoughts on Learning and Acceptance. Best Wishes to you!