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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wish you a Fun'test'ic New Year 2014


On this party evening, before we step into the new year and enjoy a beautiful tomorrow, here I recall few highlights of my 'Testing' life in 2013, and thank every one in the industry for adding awesomeness :)

Bloody Tester

Author! Me! Wow! This was one of the finest things that has ever happened to me. I had developed interest towards writing since last year and this year I turned out to be a blogger and started writing posts on Testing.

I was glad and proud that my article on 'Heuristics - User Experience Testing' was well appreciated by the people of Industry and this made me learn more about UX. I am sure to come up with many such articles, especially on UX.

I specially thank Santhosh Tuppad , Parimala Hariprasad and Satyam Dixit for encouraging me to write and guiding me all the time. I thank all my readers for helping with their valuable feedback and driving me to learn more.

I wish I could have been more active on blogging and write more stuff. Though I had plans of writing on many occasions and subjects, I could not take out time for it and this has always been disappointing for me.

Testing Circus

It was wonderful to get associated with Testing Circus this year. I have been a regular reader of testing circus since one and half year and I await for its monthly edition, eagerly, every time.

The day when I started reading this, I had no dreams that my article would be published in it and I could see my face printed on it. It was wonderful to enjoy the pleasure of a contributor to this highly appreciated magazine. I was extremely happy when my article got published in the annual edition of Testing Circus in the month of September.

You can download the magazine here [Link]

Thank you Parimala Hariprasad for pointing out my article to the Testing Circus team and exposing my work to a larger world and Arthy Chandru for reviewing it and making it look more beautiful.

Thank you Ajoy Singha and Testing Circus team for the opportunity and Support. Looking forward to contribute more.

Moolya 'Cool'ya

It is always fun to work with some of the coolest testers of the Industry. I am glad I completed one great year at Moolya and still having the same enthusiasm that of the first day. Be it Anniversary Celebrations, music time, conferences, sessions, Moolya Tech Talks, parties etc., I have been enjoying the pleasure of working here and I treasure all the Fun'test'ic moments of this year.

This year has been more awesome working in some challenging projects that questioned my ability and helped me improvise my testing skills.

On the other side of coin, I head the Corporate Social Responsibility of Moolya and it was really awesome to lead some charity activities on the office floor and make good contributions to help the Orphans of Ashraya Trust.

Thank you Moolya for believing in my skills, attitude and passion. Thank you Moolyans for all the support, love and affection.

Pen Friends

I am always active on social networking sites and I enjoy making friends and getting connected. This year I had a chance to get connected to some cool testers of the Industry, and interact with them regularly.

Twitter and Facebook have become Integral part of my life and the addition of new friends has made my social networking life more beautiful.

I thank everyone who respond to my testing updates and discuss on my testing queries. Looking forward for many more interactions and eagerly looking forward for a chance to meet you all in person. Thanks for the knowledge and time.

Bye Bye 2013, Welcome 2014

Everyday has been new and added more value to my testing practice. I am happy to end this year this way and I couldn't have asked god better than this, though I wish more wonderful things to happen next year.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and may 2014 surprise you with much better experiences.

\m/ One Life, Party Harder \m/

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