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Friday, 8 February 2013

Hello Blogging Family!


        These greetings come to you from a young budding tester of India. I am happy about my birth in the new blogging world.

Know me!

        Helloooo! readers, I have started my career as an "Exploratory Software Tester" few months ago. I belong to an young, high potential testing lab of India called MOOLYA. Why would I like to call it a lab more than a company? because here we are encouraged to "Think different, do different".

          I am a man of thoughts and questions. Yes! I love to question more and discuss more. Moolya started becoming the answer of my every question. It accepted my "Attitude", in fact it likes my attitude. So, I couldn't stop myself from falling in love with it.
         Wow! I am a "Blogger" now. Its something surprising from a person like me. I never knew I could write something like this. Moolya gave me the strength to do this. It made me to shout at the world and express my thoughts.

        I am named as "Bloody Tester" by my master Pradeep Soundararajan. Bloody tester!? Ya! You are right! there is some funny as well as serious story behind this name :) Will share that story some other time. Today I am here to show my existence to the blogging world. I will be sharing all my testing time stories here. Are you interested in such stories of a young passionate guy? Then you are at right place. I will love you a lot if you encourage me with your questions and appreciate me with your critics.

Know Moolyavan!

      Let my first blog post speak about few or the basic characteristics of a Moolyavan. In fact these are the traits that any guy with a dream towards a dynamic career should possess.

      Look! I have represented this in the form of a "Mind-Map". What else can describe that I have inculcated a passion to "BE DIFFERENT".

"Being a change, is the first step towards bringing a change; Be it and do it".

       I would dedicate this first blog post to MOOLYA and everyone who encouraged me to take this "Avatara" of a blogger.

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Hi Dheeraj .Like your Cognitive style. :) Looking forward to see more articles from you.
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you ra. Yes! I will come up with more an more intresting articles :)

  2. and btw shouldn't it be 'a' young?

  3. inkaa inkaa articles raavali mama .. al da best

  4. great words, from to be great man, keep going buddy...!!! ;)

  5. @Kunal: Thanks for the great words. I will try to deserve them.

    @K.Ravindranath: Thank you Dad! With your blessingsand support, I would come up with many good posts.

  6. Your curiosity in doing extra-ordinary things, will definitely support and strenthen your efforts.
    we believe the GOD is the creator. Our self or ATMA is the part of the whole ATMA, which is
    the universe.So, MAN is the creator too and can create anything .Like you every man has
    many innate power. By blog or other means you will , by your inspiration draw out the innate
    powers in others. So, I hope you will contribute to the world and initiate others too by your

    All the best.
    Your Dad with love.

  7. Welcome to the world of blogging. Well, the beauty of a writing blog is; looking back at the first blog post after 1 or 2 years and comparing the latest one with oldest one. In my experience, I saw tremendous growth in terms of writing when I did the comparison, some times I laughed at my own old blog posts and felt that, "Was I the one who wrote this, argh!" It is going to be a beautiful experience. Remember that, consistency is required here. Most of them have wrote few initial blog posts and have given up. I hope you are exceptional :)

    All the best. Looking forward for your upcoming blog posts.